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Injuries make this look like 2008 all over again

By: Alex Patterson

Why does this story seem all too familiar? After the Rockies made a run to the World Series in 2007, injuries and disappointment were the theme of the 2008 season. Now, after a run to the postseason in 2009, the 2010 season has gotten off to an eerily similar start. A .500 start and a brash of injuries have hampered the start to this season once again.

Thus far, the injuries have been the biggest problem up till this part of the season. Before the season started, Taylor Buchholz, Huston Street and Jeff Francis went down. Then the real fun started. Brad Hawpe, Jason Hamme, Jorge De La Rosa, and even Carlos Gonzalez have been down for periods of time. All of these, a possibility of six players who should be on the roster, have limited the start of this team.

It is unbelievable to me that this team has had such a terrible start in retrospect to how we all thought they would be, and yet, this team is only 2 ½ games out in the standings! Some teams would have folded under this kind of start, but not this team. I can’t decide whether or not this is a good thing. This team should be better, but the start of the season could and probably should be a lot worse.

A couple of quick things: Ublado is a beast. How do you hit this guy? There is no pitch that you can hit. Pick one, you won’t hit it. Want a 99 MPH fastball that moves a foot? Go ahead. How about the 89 MPH slider? Can’t touch it. He is absolutely ridiculous… CarGo going down almost killed this team. He has to stay healthy. His start has been so essential to this team, losing his offensive output and his speed on defense could be disastrous… Dexter Fowler hitting from the left side of the plate has been GENIOUS. Getting his speed from the left side, plus the fact that he’s pretty good at it, should be great for the 10 years along with his speed in centerfield.

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