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Right Now, Disappointing Not a Bad Thing

By Alex Patterson

So far this season, The Colorado Rockies have left a little bit more to be desired from their ownership and, more importantly, their fans. But this is not a bad thing if you are a fan of the Boys from Blake Street. The expectations are as high as they’ve ever been this year for the Rockies, and leaving something left to be desired is a good thing.

After Opening Day, the Rockies lost two in a row to the Milwaukee Brewers, and there was a little bit of angst around Rockies Nation, especially since they had a lead in both of those games. Then, after a win in the home opener, a late loss to the San Diego Padres brought the angst back again. The players have felt this a little bit, and I believe this is a good thing for this ball club.

Never before has a Rockies team been this talented along with postseason experience. Never before has this team had the kind of pitching and hitting combination that they have this year. Never before have expectations been postseason or bust, and finishing third in a loaded National League West be considered a failure. All of these are there for this team this year.

As is always the case in baseball, the fans are the ones who decide what the expectations will be, especially in a small market. If fans are excited and have high hopes for a season, the players feel that. From there, its up to the ones in uniforms to either feast on that energy, or fade away from it. The fact that the players have felt that they aren’t playing up to expectations (especially since this team is a respectable 4-3 coming into tonight’s game against the Mets) says a lot about this team.

The Rockies may be young in experience at the Major League level, but this is pretty much the same team that went to the World Series two and a half years ago. The actions of this team suggest not only do they want to be in World Series again this year, they are good enough mentally to get there. The season is still young my friends, but when a team is disappointed in a 4-3 start, I’ll take that as a good sign.

1 comment:

  1. I can't agree more, this team is looking good for this time of the season. If you look at history it isn't like all of the great teams sprint out of the gate, 7 games is such a small sample size you can't make many judgments from it unless you go 0-7 and have like 5 errors per game.