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Twelve Zeros

By Chris Jacobson

When is a win bigger than a win? Saturday night was one of those kinds of wins. While Ubaldo Jimenez was impressive through the first five innings, he had six walks and looked like a pitcher having a nice game and not one ready to make Rockies’ history. He struggled with control through the first half of the game and when pitching coach Bob Apodaca recommended that Jimenez pitch exclusively from the stretch, Ubaldo listened. Fifteen outs later history was made and the Rockies had their first no hitter in eighteen years. Barring two fantastic catches by Dexter Fowler in the seventh inning, Ubaldo needed little help. He was hitting a mind boggling 97 mph on the radar gun in the ninth inning and struck out seven against his six walks.

Ubaldo Jimenez is officially the best pitcher the Rockies have ever had, not that we didn’t know that two years ago, but that statement has teeth now. He is national stage good. We can run our guy against Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, the Carpenters, and the Halladays. He dropped his ERA to a ridiculous 1.29 and he has three wins against his zero losses in his three quality starts. He is starting what is essentially his fourth season with the team and he is already seventh on the Rockies’ all time wins list. He is exactly the pitcher the Rockies have spent the last eighteen years looking for, Jimenez is an assassin.

For twenty seven outs and thirty thirty three batters Ubaldo Jimenez battled his way into Rockies lore and into the upper echelon of major league pitchers. Rockies fans have wanted this for eighteen years. Their pitchers have been maligned, their stadium ridiculed because of its thin air, their batting titles and their MVP downplayed because of “Coors Canaveral”. This can’t be downplayed, this was on the road. It happened at Turner Field, against future hall of famer, Chipper Jones and future rookie of the year Jason Heyward.

This is something Rockies fans haven’t seen on their score cards before, at least not next to their guy’s name. Hideo Nomo did it in 1996 at Coos Field, but this time it’s our guy. Twelve zeros across the score card. Not a perfect game exactly, not unless you are a Rockies fan.


  1. 97 MPH in the 9th is just crazy, that is how you get to throw a no hitter. I could see Jimenez even throwing another one in his career.

  2. My thoughts exactly! 97 in the 9th is simply INSANE! Let's go Rockies!