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Bring On May! or: The Last Two Weeks of April Were a Little Tough in the Greater Denver Area

By Chris Jacobson

It was Sunday April 18th and all was right in the world. The Avalanche were surprising San Jose and holding a two-one lead in their playoff series. Craig Anderson had just displayed a 51 save overtime shutout and the Sharks were floundering, scoring the game winner on themselves. The Broncos were busy in their laboratory preparing for their 2010 draft where they held a high first and a couple second round selections. The Nuggets won their series opener and Melo went for a game high forty two points. Rockies fans were waking in the bliss of Ubaldo Jimenez’ brilliant no hitter against Atlanta and were looking forward to winning their road series against the Braves.

What a difference a couple of weeks make. The Avs put forth a gallant effort against the heavily favored Sharks. Anderson continued to be impressive but the overmatched Avalanche couldn’t keep up surrendering in six games. Strangely, an eight beats a one seed better than twenty five percent of the time in the NHL so the Avs holding on to win the series wouldn’t have been unprecedented.

Later in the week the Broncos did a bunch of moving in the first round of the NFL draft and lined themselves up to pick Demaryius Thomas, a promising receiver out of Georgia Tech who carries none of the baggage of Brandon Marshall or fellow rookie Dez Bryant. That’s when the fun began. Denver then traded three picks to move up eighteen spots to position themselves to take Quarterback Tim Tebow. The rest of the draft focused on high moral, high motor players who sometimes sacrificed athletic ability for toughness and a solid work ethic. Outside the Rocky Mountain area their draft grade hovers from a B- to an incomplete. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of the draft, no one can overlook the importance of the injury to the knee of Ryan Clady. The Broncos best player (sorry Dawk and Champ) may be out up to six months with a torn left patellar tendon.

The Nuggets lost their series and their cool as they finally succumbed to their rivals, the Utah Jazz. The Jazz seemed composed in losing as well as winning while the Nuggets unraveled as the game and the series came to a close Friday night. The Nuggets gave up 100 plus points in every game of the playoffs. Kenyon Martin’s actions in the fourth quarter was emblematic of the entire series as he was beaten to the rim by Deron Williams and then shoved Williams to earn a personal foul as well as a technical one. Chris “Birdman” Anderson appeared too slow to compete with the injury riddled Jazz front court. J.R. Smith looked to be begging for a ticket out of Denver by pouting and ignoring team huddles. Utah won the series as the smarter more disciplined team, not the more talented one.

Then there are the Rockies. On the 18th the Rockies were in reach of first place, above .500 and fresh off the teams first ever no-hitter. Two weeks later the Rocks lost seven out of twelve, sight of first place and three starting players to injury. After losing their series to the Braves, the Rocks split a series with a very beatable Nationals team and a series with the division rival Diamondbacks. With a loss to the San Francisco Giant’s Barry Zito the Rockies are now four games out of first place and hope to salvage the series sending relative unknown Esmil Rogers against Giant’s stud Matt Cain.

All in all the last two weeks have been nothing short of forgettable for fans of Colorado sports. There will be lingering questions about the Broncos and a long wait for both the Nuggets and Avalanche. So the best idea may be to make your way to Coors Field, grab a hot dog and a cold one and hope May is a little better than the last few weeks of April.


  1. It was indeed a tough stretch for Colorado professional sports. On the other hand, we could reside in Washington D.C. and be forced to watch the Bullets, er Wizards, the Nationals, and stomach the collapse of the Capitals. The Redskins, with former Bronco coach Mike Shanahan, is about all there is to get excited about

  2. nice blog~ informative and entertaining at the same time! i will definitly be checking this one out again!

  3. you summed it up well...yes April was a bummer month for Colorado Professional sports...Go Rockies...the season has just begun!