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It's time for a change with some guys

By: Alex Patterson

Rockies fans, it might just be the time to start thinking of some drastic measures to help this team succeed. Some beloved new and old faces are just not getting it done right now, and the only proposition is either to trade them while they still have value, or to bench them so they get the message. Here’s a short list of players that need a switch of some kind:
Rafael Betancourt. Which is the guy that the Rockies traded for last year? The lights-out set-up man from the playoff team last year or the guy with a 7.31 ERA through 16 innings pitched? Hopefully it’s the former, but if he continues to be this terrible, the Rocks will seriously have to consider trading him. When Huston Street comes off the DL, there will be a log jam in the bullpen. Corpas can easily transition to the set-up role. What would become of Betancourt without the set-up role?
Todd Helton. Toddy Ballgame is having his worst start to his career ever this year. A .275 average is pretty poor, but it’s nothing when compared to the nine RBI’s and the single home run. Really, the only thing keeping him in the lineup is the fact that he can scoop with the best ever. But first base is not a position where you play most days because of the glove. Giambi was starting to get hot once he got regular playing time. This might seem like blasphemy, but if Todd doesn’t start to hit, sit him down.
Clint Barmes. Barmes has the same issue as Todd, not hitting but playing great defense, minus the great. He has only four errors, but the defense just hasn’t been as solid as it could be. With the signing of Kaz Matsui, the pressure is now on Barmes to hit better.
Franklin Morales. Morales is hurt right now, but shoulder weakness? What does that even mean? If you’re a professional pitcher and you have a weak shoulder, then retire. Or don’t pitch again for the at least two to three months. C’mon Franklin.
Troy Tulowitzki. This has nothing to do with Tulo’s hitting, since he absolutely raking right now, but Miley Cyrus as a walk up song? Is Troy trying to attract more little Tweeners to the ballpark? There is no worse mix of style than Miley and a mullet. Troy, you gotta pick one. The Miley and the mullet has no place in baseball, especially on a guy that could end up being in the MVP race by the end of the season.
All of these guys have one thing in common: just make a change. Make a change, or get out of the lineup. Except Tulo, who needs to change the song or cut the hair.


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