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Yin and Yang---Rockies Style

By Chris Jacobson

It’s already been a season of highs and lows, but the last couple of weeks have left Rockies fans everywhere from overjoyed to dismayed. The club is playing .500 ball and couldn’t be doing it in a more “good win” “bad loss” sort of way. Things have become upside down here in Rockieland. The usually hard hitting Rocks’ bats have lost their pop and their generally solid fielding has begun to cost them. The thing that is keeping in the area code of .500 has been their pitching. Bizarre words for a long time Rockies fan.

This has become even more clear in the last couple of weeks. Jeff Francis made his return against the Nationals and looked solid. He threw seven very strong innings giving up only seven hits and one earned run. Anyone who has watched Francis the last few years had to feel good watching a young man of his caliber put some of his injuries behind him and get over a huge milestone in his comeback. The Rockies used the inspired performance of Jeff Francis to springboard their way to three straight losses against the hapless Cubs and an absolutely awful Astros team. Losing Jorge De La Rosa and Huston Street hurt this team, but sleepwalking through a game against the Astros hurts worse.

The give and take, win and lose, day and night. The yin and yang of this team could have been summed up by second baseman Clint Barmes’ seventh and eighth innings on Wednesday night. Barmes unloaded a home run in the seventh to tie the game and taking motivation away from the struggling Astros. But just one inning later Barmes helped start a rally for the Astros by duffing a routine ground ball. The missed grounder effectively ended the game. Barmes is a player kept in the line up because of his glove and in spite of his bat, backwards.

One night later Rockies fans got to see Ubaldo Jimenez fire seven innings of one hit ball only to pull up lame with cramps after hitting a single himself. Rockies fans gasped but he is fine. Yin and yang, happy and sad, Cy Young and DL. It’s a careful balance in Rocky Country. Don’t get too high this season, our starting rotation looks like a MASH unit, but don’t get too low, because the pitchers are still the strength of this team.

It’s always been tough being a Rockies fan. No media coverage, the stigma of Coors Canaveral, seventy five win seasons, Denny Neagle’s penchant for women of the night. This feels different. We are supposed to be competing to be the best of the best not to beat out the Dodgers for third in the West. Just remember our yin and yang. It’s like Colorado weather, just wait a few minutes and it will change.

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  1. The Rockies have definitely been on a rollercoaster ride. Better early in the season than late, and they seem to be showing signs of playing more consistent ball. Thank God for their pitching. Did I just write that?