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1.15 V. 4GB

By Chris Jacobson

Okay, so Ubaldo is good, twenty five wins good, Cy Young…blah, blah, blah. He just finished up his thirteenth win in fourteen starts and did it by effectively silencing the bats of a very good Twins team and their studs Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer who went a combined 0-5. He is on pace for twenty eight wins and his league leading ERA is a miniscule 1.15. He is, quite literally, having one of the best seasons in the history of the game. It has been awesome to have such a season happening right here at Coors Field.

The problem is this; The Rockies are below average on offense. They are nineteenth in baseball in batting average and twenty first in runs scored. They are now fourth in the division behind a Giants team that is doing it behind smaller run support than we have, the Dodgers, who are just now starting to hit their stride and San Diego who are doing it through smoke, mirrors, and surprising pitching. Chasing one team after the all star break is one thing, two is difficult, but to leapfrog three teams to win the division may be too much for even Ubaldo’s strong shoulders to bear.

The Rockies started the season touting small ball, team speed and pitching. Despite a deluge of injuries, the pitching staff has remained solid and well above average. It seems what has disappeared has been the speed and the timely hitting. Dexter Fowler wasn’t hitting and had to be sent down, understood, but team speed suffered on his departure. Twenty days after his demotion he is still one stolen base away from the team leader Carlos Gonzalez (8). No Rocky ranks in the top forty in stolen bases in the major leagues. Team speed has suffered, but it isn’t just that. Situationaly, it seems that more and more the Rockies hitters are trying to get things going with the long ball and not the small one. The Rockies are ninth in home runs despite being sixteenth in runs batted in. That discrepancy is precisely where Jim Tracy should be looking when trying to figure out why runs per game continues to slip. Ianetta, Hawpe, Smith, Stewart, Barmes and Spilly all look the same, not so much physically, but their approach to an at bat of late. All swing for the fence, all fail too often and all bat well below .290.

Honestly, this has been one of the more exiting seasons to be a Rockies fan in their short history. Ubaldo Jimenez has brought an excitement to the field every fifth game that we have never seen here at Coors Field. But to be honest, Colorado fans have pretty high expectations for this season and the offense has not pulled its weight. Most wouldn’t mind Ubaldo’s 1.15 era be a little higher if the 4 games back were a little smaller. We have seen miracles out of our Blake Street Boys in the past, maybe we’ll see another, but to do so would mean a recommitment to speed and small ball and tightening the division before the all star break.


  1. It is hard to even wrap your mind around what Ubaldo is doing right now, hopefully he can keep it up.

  2. The Rocks continue to hang tough despite performing under expectations. They are receiving minimal production from there corner infield spots. This can't continue. Fowler probably came to the Bigs a little to early. I think they miss EY Jr. more. He can play a variety of positions. I think a trade is in the offing. Hawpe has the most value. It will be interesting