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Todd in the Two Hole? It's About Time

By: Alex Patterson

It’s about time. Todd Helton finally got the move in the lineup that will help him the most, moving him to the number two spot in the order. It is the perfect spot for him in the order to help him get his swing back, and to help him get back to the Todd Helton that we all know and love.

This move is great for Todd in many ways, and the most important of which is the way that he will be pitched to. If he stays in the number two spot in the order, he will either have Carlos Gonzalez or Troy Tulowitzki hitting in front of him. He is going to get pitches to hit since pitchers don’t want to just put Helton on base in front of the power hitters of Cargo and Tulo, both of whom are having All-Star caliber seasons. Hitting third or fifth, he was seeing far more breaking pitches. When you can eliminate half of a pitchers arsenal that dramatically helps your chances of getting a hit.

Reason number two: the only way Helton can get back his swing is with more at bats. Thus, moving him up in the order creates more at bats. He can now see the starting pitcher three times a game instead of two. He can get five at bats a night rather than just three or four. The more he sees a pitcher, the better he is going to get at hitting that pitcher.

Reason number three: he finally went to a doctor and is getting contact lenses! He did this on Thursday, and ever sense, he is hitting nearly .500 (7-16, if you’re keeping track at home). These numbers also correlate with the move to number two in the order.

All I’m trying to say is this, maybe Beltin’ Helton is back. His swing has looked fabulous, and was a total of two feet and one inch away from having tripled his home run output. The most important thing is that the Rockies are 3-1 since the switch, and those three wins came against a team from the “AL Beast”. This week the Rocks open up a series against the Minnesota Twins.

Welcome to the preview of the 2010 World Series, with Todd Helton hitting in the two hole the rest of the way.


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