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You Win Some, You Lose Some….Consistently

By Chris Jacobson

On a positive note, we haven’t had a losing streak of any kind during the month of August. We haven’t gone south losing a bunch of games to the Fish, the Phills, the Reds or even the lowly Pirates. We haven’t had to read about being awful after the All-Star break and losing eight straight. In that sense, August has been great. August has been a success.

Here’s the rub, the Colorado Rockies are supposed to be competing for the division, a team looking to be a team poised to make a deep playoff run, if anything, a team that plays with a Lance Armstrong sized heart. While this years Rockies haven’t had a losing streak in August, they haven’t had a winning streak either. Win one lose one and so on and so on and so on. Sixteen days through the month and this team hasn’t won two straight. Their effort has seemed lackluster, their fielding, suspect.

Before the All-Star break this team looked driven, the division looked winnable and the Padres definitely looked catchable. One game before the break and one game out of first. As of August 16th the Rocks are eight and a half out and an extremely pedestrian 12-17 after the break. They made no moves to get better before the trade dead line despite the entire rest of the division making moves. The Diamondbacks tried to get younger, the rest of the division tried to get better. The Rockies stood pat on a team that has become very average in terms of pitching and keeps sliding as a statistical offensive club. They didn’t have to trade to try to win the division, and they certainly didn’t have to trade for the sake of trading. They should have made a decision, one that plenty of clubs have to make, play for a playoff birth, or play for next season.

There are plenty of names on this roster that could have used a new venue and a fresh start. Manny Corpas has shown what he can do here, as has Brad Hawpe, Taylor Buchholz and Rafael Betancourt. Someone may have given prospects for Ianetta, De La Rosa, Giambi or Spilbourghs. While a fire sale probably isn’t appropriate, trimming some fat and freeing money to extend Ubaldo and Cargo wouldn’t be the worst idea either. The Monforts have proven time and again that they are not the kind of ownership to spend money to make a winner, so Dan O’Dowd has to get creative in terms of personnel. Right now a starting outfield of Seth Smith, Carlos Gonzalez and Dexter Fowler would be earning just over 1.2 million dollars combined, or half a million less than Spilly and six million less than Hawpe. Something has to give.

It would be different if this team looked different. If they were on the cusp. If they were leaving their hearts on the field every night. If they had made a trade to show the fans that they were trying to get better, but they didn’t and they are not. Rockies fans will, as always, hold out hope and support their boys, but this years Rock Show doesn’t look to be keeping it going through October.

1 comment:

  1. A very nice overview of Rockies baseball, albeit a little depressing. I like the concept of developing players from within. However, the time to make a move has come and gone for this season. Some of the Rocks need fresh locales, and they do warrant some value in return. It is frustrating as a fan to see this, want this, yet have to sit on my hands as a fan