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How The West (or maybe the wildcard) Was Won

By Chris Jacobson

The Rockies have a shot at the post season, a pretty good one, too. The boys have won seven in a row and look to be in the beginnings of another late September run to the playoffs. The problem is this, the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies have a cakewalk of a schedule compared to the Rockies and the Padres and the Giants have two series remaining with each other.

The Rock Show trails both the West and the wild card by 3½ games and trail the Giants by 2½ in both races. In the wild card race the Rockies don’t have to catch both Philly and Atlanta, just one or the other and would therefore like to see one team run away from the other and take all six games they play against one another. Both of these squads are problematic because they both have multiple series remaining with the hapless Washington Nationals as well as series with the Mets and the Marlins, both of whom gave up their ships weeks ago.

The West is essentially the opposite. To win the West, Colorado would be better served with the Padres and Giants splitting their remaining games. If they were to split their initial series and the Rockies were to sweep the Diamondbacks they could exit the weekend a mere 1½ games back with a series remaining with both squads. Colorado has two series remaining with both the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks and could punch their own ticket if they keep winning. San Diego appears to be making the collapse that everyone has predicted for months and the Giants pitching staff, as good as it is, may not be able to cover up their lack of hitting. For the first time since the Rockies became a competitive club a few years back the West seems a bit more winnable than the wild card.

The team is playing well. Troy Tulowitski is starting to see the ball better than he has in a while. He is batting over .400 for the month of September and has hit eight home runs in the last eight days. Tulo would probably be getting a lot more press but his teammate CarGo is on a ridiculous run. Carlos Gonzalez went from an all star snub to a legitimate Triple Crown threat and MVP candidate. He is first in both RBIs and batting average and third in home runs in the NL. Along with his outfielding acumen, he is truly a five tool player, the likes of which the Rockies have never had. Olivo is getting dialed in and Eric Young Jr. has used his speed to tally four stolen bases during the last eight games, tacking on eleven hits over that span. Along with Dexter Fowler, EY Jr. and Cargo are showing what team speed can do in a field as big as Coors Field.

Just when Denver area fans began to turn their eyes to Dove Valley and Invesco Field the Rockies have forced fans to pay attention to them. Here it is, mid September, and Colorado is at it again, refusing to go away. Here’s to another late season run. Thank you Jim Tracy and company; thank you for making it exiting. Bronco fans will just have to wait another couple of weeks to dust off their jerseys and foam fingers. Bring on Rocktober!


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