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The Simple and the Stupid, 2011 MLB Predictions

By Chris Jacobson

Okay, so this is a little late; the missus is a few weeks away from the birth of my third girl and the “honey-do” list seems a little more pressing than the 2011 MLB predictions…that being said, here we go.

In the American league the Rangers seem to be back to old form and those predicting the Texas playoff hopes left town with Cliff Lee forget that the Rangers had a strangle hold on the division before Lee got to the club. The Red Sox made major improvements and despite their slow start, this writer is forced to stick with his pick despite their poor play thus far. With the health concerns of the Twins and the liver concerns of Miguel Cabrera, make mine the White Sox. To take the coward’s way out I’ll take the Yankees for the wild card and the eventual American League Championship Series loser to let the Rangers to advance the World Series once again.

The National League has its favorite and I will also choose Philly and their All World pitching staff to win the east. The Brewers are improved and will get better when pitching anomaly Zach Greinke gets back on the mound. They may beat out a very good Reds team who should show enough to get at least the wild card. In the West it’s the Rockies and their lethal middle lineup with Tulo and Cargo vying for MVP honors. Come October, look for the pitching of the Philadelphia Phillies to hand the Texas Rangers their second consecutive World Series loss. While the Rockies may fall short of their ultimate goal, they look to win their first NL West and advance to the National League Championship Series.

In terms of individual awards, in the AL look for Adrian Gonzalez to use the hitter friendly confines of Fenway to push his numbers to MVP status. *Incidentally, that is another choice that was made before the season and some sort of bizarre integrity forces me to keep it. For Cy Young look for C.C. Sabathia to earn the honors as the voters will probably keep under .500 King Felix Hernandez in check due to his teams poor play. Manager of the year is Ron Washington’s to lose if he can get his ball club back to the World Series and the rookie of the year could go to Zach Britton of the Orioles if Buck Showalter makes good on his plans to upset the AL East.

In the Senior Circuit look for Troy Tulowitzki to beat out teammate Carlos Gonzalez for the MVP and the pair to both finish in the top three of voting. The combo is simply the best middle lineup in baseball and their batting near each other will help them both. It would be foolish to choose a pitcher for Cy Young that doesn’t play in the City of Brotherly Love and I won’t buck the trend; look for Roy Halladay to repeat his award winning performance from last year and claim his third Cy Young. Jim Tracy could win his second NL Manager of the Year Award in three years if the Brewers Ron Roenicke and Cincinnati’s Dusty Baker stay out of the way. Finally for the NL Rookie of the Year, San Francisco’s Brandon Belt seems like the obvious choice but make mine Cuban fireballer Aroldis Chapman once he wrestles the closing job away from Francisco Cordero.

So, here's to a great season, Go Rockies, best of health Ubaldo, and wish me and the missus luck come May 10th.


  1. Pillies to win the World Series??? I don't know about that.... I hope you're right, as I would rather have them then either Boston or the Yanks!

  2. It's been fun ripping on Texas through the years. Sadly, they are too good and I must stop. Tough break for Hamilton.

    As for the Rockies, my concern about the big Tulo and Cargo contracts gets smaller with every game. Quite simply, the Rox have the best shortstop and the best outfielder in all of baseball.

    Lastly, my friend, you are well on your way to fielding a women's fastpitch softball dynasty. With a little help from me and my wife, we just might get there!!